Welcome to S.E.T.

Starstruck Education & Tutoring

Designed to help your child complete his or her studies.  Open to general public as well as Starstruck students and athletes.  All tutoring sessions will take place at Starstruck Gym A.  Instructors are active/retired California school teachers and/or 4 year college graduates.


S.E.T. offers tutoring help in the following subjects. If you don’t see what you need, call us! We’ll do our best to find you the right help!

  • Grades 2-6: ALL SUBJECTS
  • Social Sciences: ALL GRADES
    • (US History, World History, AP-US History, US Government, Economics)
  • Mathematics: ALL GRADES   
    • (Basic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics)
  • Science: ALL GRADES         
    • (Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, Life Sciences)
  • Language: ALL GRADES       
    • (Spanish I, II, III)
  • Music: GUITAR
    • (reading/playing music-melody and chords)                                                    

(Please NOTE: There may be an additional student with the same instructor. Our rate includes up to two students per instructor per session. Please contact us for special pricing if you need ONE-ONE teaching).

WHAT is the COST?

1. Pay a one-time Registration Fee of $10 at first appointment. NO CONTRACTS!

(*Fee INCLUDES a FREE ½ hour at sign up)

2. EACH ADDITIONAL ½ hour is $15


3. Payment is DUE at each session; CASH or CHECK accepted

4. If you cannot make appointment, PLEASE CALL OR TEXT 209-996-0725. There are NO CANCELATION CHARGES! 


*Appointment times are FLEXIBLE to fit YOUR schedule!                                    

  •  Monday-Friday 3:30-8:00pm. Saturday times available!
    • Tell us your student’s name, grade, subject need(s)
    • Tell us when you would like to get help (Day, Time)
    • Your appointment will be TEXTED as “CONFIRMED” after we have made arrangements for your tutor.
  • Call or Text: (209) 996-0725 to make an appointment