2018-2019 Competition Team Skills Assessments are scheduled for

Saturday, April 28th & Sunday, April 29th. 

Sign-ups are NOW open under classes and then look for the Skills Assessment link on the left hand side.  Season 17 is coming and we are very excited!

06/05/2017 - Senior Stellar

"Can't hold us down cause we're rising to the top!  All we know is work and we're never gonna stop! STELLAR!"

11/06/2017 - Junior Prep Sparkle

"Starstruck SPARKLE, it's your time.  Show them how you do it.  Show them how to shine!"

06/05/2017 - Youth Starlites

"Clap your hands, throw them up, get 'em up higher.  STARLITES tearing up the floor, yeah they on fire!"


06/05/2017 - Youth Showstoppers

"Knock-knock guess who?!? Starstruck's at the door so you better open up.  SHOWSTOPPERS on the floor and we bout to tear it up.  So clap your hands, stomp your feet, you know what to do.  Make some noise, show some love for the Showstoppin' crew!"

06/05/2017 - Tiny Shocktarts

"These little ladies, came to steal your heart. Cuteness overload! We cal them SHOCKTARTS!"

06/05/2017 - Senior Shade

"We're talking to you so listen up. S-C about to erupt. Run for cover. Time to hide.  We're taking you the shady side! Starstruck, Senior SHADE!"